The Benefits of Tension Fabric Buildings

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Tension fabric structures are perfect for your next project. They provide a wide range of benefits, including fast installation and easy maintenance. Tension fabric structures require no heavy foundations and can be built on uneven surfaces and slopes. Our products are designed to withstand the harshest environments with corrosion-resistant materials. 



What Are Tension Fabric Structures?

Tension fabric structures are ideal for temporary or permanent agricultural applications, sporting facilities, storage, and various other applications. They work well in all climates and environments, from hot to cold and humid to dry. The best part is that they also come in custom sizing. 

Tension fabric structures start with a strong, galvanized steel frame. The outer membrane is fabric – stretched over the steel frame. The material is tensioned to support the structure. Various methods can be used to achieve the tensioning of the fabric – and it depends on the company installing the structure. 

The structure is made up of prefabricated components made off-site. This allows several processes to take place at once. The fabrication and the preparation of the site itself, including the foundation, can occur concurrently. This also means the chances of weather interruptions are cut out of the production time. Once the assembly is ready to start, the process is relatively easy. The pieces are bolted together using connectors, and the material is stretched over the frame. 

Replacement covers can be ordered at a later stage when maintenance is implemented, and this cost is relatively lower than the normal structural upkeep of a traditional structure.




Tension Fabric Structures And Foundations

These versatile structures can be erected on either a temporary or permanent foundation. Each foundation type has its own benefits, and they also each have some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the two types of foundations and their applications. 

Temporary foundations can bring down the cost of the structure – but may not last as long as permanent structures. Temporary foundations can also be limited, and bigger designs might not be feasible with this type of foundation. The common uses for temporary structures can be seen in the agricultural, oil and gas, and mining industries, where oftentimes, a need arises for a short-term project. The structure can be taken down with a minimal environmental footprint. Work areas that need to be erected on-site for projects can also benefit from a temporary foundation since it can be removed as soon as the project is completed.

While sometimes more costly but built to last, permanent foundations ensure the structure’s lifespan for years to come. Permanent foundations also allow for a wider variety of sizes, allowing them to be customized to industry needs. Depending on the type of foundation, they may require heavy machinery to install and a larger workforce, which leads to a higher cost. Airplane hangers are the perfect example of a tension fabric structure with permanent foundations. It is built to last – and can be built in larger sizes than temporary foundations.



Door types – Adapting To Needs

An essential factor that needs to be considered during the planning phase is accessibility. What will the space be used for, and how can it be accessed? The entrances can be modified with several types of doors. Let’s take a look at the few main types that are requested: 

  • An outside mounted roll-up door made from the same material used for covers. It rolls up and down with a rolling pipe and is a cost-effective option.
  • A long-lasting, reliable option is bi-fold doors. Made of steel, a single lever locking system, and a heavy-duty electric opener.  
  • A steel roll-up door is often requested for small to medium-sized fabric buildings. 

The size of the equipment stored in the structure needs to be accounted for, as well as the quick exit of people using it as a workspace. 



Tension fabric structures are changing how we provide cost-effective solutions to projects in various industries. Our Tension Fabric Structures offer a low-cost, high-quality solution for your temporary or permanent needs. Versatile, durable, and quick to assemble, our tension fabric structures provide the optimal combination of budget, portability, and performance. 

Skyler Structures have innovated the approach to tension fabric structures in a unique way for each project we tackle. We place the client’s needs at the basis of our design and continue to customize solutions throughout the process. Visit our website to contact an industry expert who will lead you to your next project success.